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Join us for our Seventh International Conference

on Oct. 15-17, 2015 in Dallas, Texas

Join us for another exciting, friendly and constructive conference,

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The conference will be at the
DoubleTree by Hilton Dallas near the Galleria
4099 Valley View Lane, Dallas, TX 75244

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Our Eighth International Conference will be March, 2016 in New Orleans, LA. 

Plan now to join us in the Big Easy! 

Our conferences have been attended by universities from 41 states and 16 foreign nations.

Our Conferences will include all business disciplines and the related social sciences.

To submit a paper or abstract for our Conference, please email the paper/abstract to  Early Submissions are Encouraged!  Of course persons without a paper to present are encouraged to attend and participate!




Our View


Our founder, Marty Ludlum, described it this way:

"Our conferences should be a friendly and supportive atmosphere to welcome new and established scholars.  The purpose of attending is to gain collaborative and encouraging feedback to make your project better.  This is our goal.  We do this by scheduling the presentations to allow more interaction.  We also help new academics by discussing the basics of academic publishing and giving individualized support." 



The Mustang Academic Conferences will offer scholars a chance to share research and network on new projects. 

Divisions will include all topics related to business and the social sciences in the domestic and international spheres. In addition, sessions on how to prepare you work for publication will be offered for new faculty members. 

CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS will be published including all presentations registered for the conference! Mustang Academic Conferences will offer you the maximum opportunity for publishing your scholarly work.


Past Opportunities

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Past Conferences:

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Dallas, Texas, October 24-26, 2013, Click here for details

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Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb 21-23, 2013, Click here for details

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Oklahoma City - October 18-19-20, 2012   Click here for 2012 OKC Conference Details

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