Mustang Journal of Law & Legal Studies (2010-2015)

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ISSN 1949-1751 print and 1949-1743 online, listed in Ulrich's, and is available in full text on ProQuest and Ebsco.

The scope of this journal is the discussion of current controversies and trends in all fields of law and legal studies in business, including the domestic and international spheres. 

The Mustang Journal of Law & Legal Studies has a 25% acceptance rate.

The Editor of MJLL is Dr. Will Mawer, former Judge, and former Dean of the School of Business, and current Professor of Business Law, Southeast Oklahoma State University.

Fall, 2010 Table of Contents:  - Volume 1
Fall, 2011 Table of Contents: - Volume 2
Fall, 2012 Table of Contents: - Volume 3
Spring, 2013 Table of Contents:   - Volume 4

Fall, 2013 Table of Contents:   - Volume 5

Spring, 2014 Table of Contents:   - Volume 6

Fall, 2014 Table of Contents:  - Volume 7

Spring, 2015 Table of Contents: - Volume 8



Fees:  There is no fee to have your paper reviewed for consideration in Mustang Journals.  Each author can also order a paper copy of the journal containing his/her paper. 

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